Meet Our Intern

Our Event & Marketing Intern, Tayla Abbott  is currently in her final year at the University of Queensland. She is studying Business and Arts with majors in Advertising and Media and Cultural Communications.

She is interested in digital media communications and photography, and is willing to give everything a go!

She’s a great addition to the team and we would love for you to get to know her. To do so, we’ve asked her a couple of questions on your behalf.

1 . The great thing about my internship is…

Each day the work I do is different. I love it, as I always get to learn something new. It keeps me on my toes!

2. What is your role at Nectar Creative Communications?
I’m Nectar’s Event & Marketing Intern. I’m currently doing a huge range of things! I conduct research and write blog posts for the company website. I plan social media posts and updates with the help of Hootsuite, I’d definitely recommend this tool. I help out with competitor research, onsite documentation and registration. On top of this, I also join Peta and Ashleigh for client meetings and site inspections.

3. My greatest challenge in this role is…
Trying to get through Ashleigh’s to-do list each week!

4. What do you do in your spare time?
I love being outside and just letting my mind get lost for the day – going hiking, surfing, visiting new places or even just going to the park. I try to see my friends and family as much as possible, especially my grandma – she’s a great lady. I also act and work on my travel blog, Wonderland Escapes when I can.

Image credit: @wonderlandescapes

Image credit: @wonderlandescapes










5. My favourite venue (in Brisbane) is…

Hmmm I have a few, I like the Brisbane Power House. I also love the courtyard at Hunter and Scout,  they have decorated and landscaped it beautifully. I think the Regatta Hotel  is great, now that it’s been refurbished. Mr and Mrs G  on the river is also a favourite because of their beautiful river views.

6. I try to relax by…
Going on hikes or bush walks. I prefer the little rabbit trails where you won’t run into anyone. Of course it’s always better when my sisters dog (aka my nephew) comes along with me!

7. I’ve always wanted to travel to…
Antarctica….because WOW, British Columbia for the hiking and skiing and Turkey for the culture.

8. I am scared to death of…
Having my life flash by and realising that I didn’t follow my passion or dreams out of fear of failing… Ha! I bet you weren’t expecting that.

9. I really wish I had…
A wolf dog, but I can’t have that unless I move to the mountains. So for now let’s go with a personal chef so I didn’t have to cook for myself.

Image Credit: @loki_the_wolfdog

10. If I could invite 4 people to a dinner party, they’d be…

Ooh like our Event Producer, Georgie I would also like to invite David Attenborough, as well as Ellen Degeneres, photographer Dorothea Lange  (if she was alive) and Loki the Wolf Dog  (I guess his owner can come along to).

11. For anyone starting out in the industry (like yourself), what is the 1 piece of advice you would give them…

It can be really hard to get an internship or job in this industry. There are so many people trying to get in, and almost everyone wants someone with experience. I would say, start getting internships as early as you can in your degree. Work hard and be professional, stay true to who you are and bring something different to the table that you can share with potential employers. Create your own websites and blogs, teach yourself relevant programs to get a leg up. At the end of the day, enjoy yourself, it will all turn out okay.

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