How to manage your event’s greatest asset – your delegates

As an event planner at Nectar Creative Communications, I personally believe that the delegate experience begins long before an event. I would say it starts the moment the phone rings – right when you are finally concentrated in the middle of a task and everyone else is trying to look too busy to be the ones to pick up. Begrudgingly, you answer only to have to hear another repeated question of, ‘enter question here’. As frustrated as you may feel, there is nothing worse for a potential delegate than having an unfriendly voice on the other side of the phone.

These are my tips and tricks to help keep your sanity and enhance the delegate experience.

Tip #1: Great Customer Service 

I cannot stress enough how important good, old-fashioned customer service is. As I mentioned earlier, the delegate experience commences at the initial point of contact they have with the event. Normally, that would be with the event organisers; you are essentially the face, or rather the voice of your event prior to the event commencing. If this is you, you could make all the difference on whether the person on the other side of the phone decides to purchase a ticket. You may have had multiple interactions with many possible delegates that day, but to them this is their first point of contact with the event. Take this chance to ease their concerns and answer their questions, and you might just register another delegate.

Tip #2: The Registration Process

My second most important tip is to create a simple registration process and avoid those portals that seem never-ending. 

My suggestion is to map out your registration portals prior to creating them so you know exactly what you want on it and you can have a visual view as to what it will look like and where you want everything to go – this will keep it from spiralling out of control and becoming a convoluted process that neither yourself or the delegate will enjoy. 

A section you could cut down on are marketing questions. I find that many registration portals seem to have too many of these. I would suggest keeping it down to your 3 most important ones, if possible. You will always have the chance to include all your questions in any post-event surveys. 

The last thing you want is to get an angry call from a delegate telling you that their registration timed out halfway through due to such a long process, or that they decided to leave the rest for later and end up forgetting to complete their registration.

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Tip #3: Delegate Personalisation 

With so many events out there, you want to make sure your event is memorable. 2 words – event personalisation. One way to do this is through an event attendee app – in fact, at the very least every conference should have one of these. An attendee app can be a very powerful tool where you can market, tailor experiences, promote your sponsors, facilitate networking, and even interact with speakers on-stage anonymously for the introverts – you can very well tick every box. Most event systems, such as Cvent and EventsAir offer these tools to event planners so that you can brand and customise to the audience of your event. Not only can you get some serious data and analytics, creating an event app is easier than learning how to ride a bike … and if not, the Nectar team has got you!  

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Tip #4: Post event 

Last but most definitely not least, are post-event surveys. Prepare your surveys beforehand so that they are ready to go as soon your event is over. You want your delegates to have the information they’ve soaked up at your event fresh in their memory and while the hype is still there (plug: attendee apps can gather this info during a live session).

It’s not over yet! After all the hard work you’ve put into making the most out of the delegate experience, you want to end it on a good note with a personal touch. By this I mean making the time to send out a Thank You EDM to your delegates to show your appreciation for their attendance and support – make sure to include photos so that they can share with their colleagues that missed out! 

Need help with all or just some aspects of your event? Let Nectar Creative Communications work with you to ensure you give your delegates the best experience and have them keep coming back to your event!

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