Learn How To Analyse Your Event Using Instagram

Get familiar with the queen of all social media applications and start building your event now with Instagram! 

So, what is the point of using Instagram for your event?

Instagram analytics helps your business target the right audience, get more views, create engaging content and much more. Also, hashtags are most often used by Instagram to spread news of the event, product, and services to potential customers. The great thing about this application is it gains an understanding of what people want, then gives it to them.

To access Instagram insights, simply create a business profile and you’re ready to go. Business owners love Instagram as their tool for marketing but many do not know about Instagram insights . Always make sure your business profile is on the public setting as private profiles cannot be used for business. 

Now, let’s run through some the advantages of Instagram analytics, and how you can implement them to improve your Instagram marketing results for your next event.

Understand Your Target Audience

Instagram analytics provides specific metrics based on demographics. You can look at data such as gender, location, language, and age. The more data detailed, the better you’ll understand your audience. You can utilise their information to focus your advertising campaign.

Knowing more about your target audience, the more you can generate direct content for them. 

Instagram for event

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Engagement For Instagram Stories

Post engagement options like Instagram stories allows you post multiple short pieces of content for your event marketing to your audience. Take advantage of Instagram Stories with photos and videos from the beginning to the end of the event, including live testimonials from attendees during the event. Your Instagram Story can include behind-the-scenes footage preparing the event – your audience will enjoy seeing what it takes to make the event a success. Your volunteers and event team can share posts like this, too. Stories are also a great “recap” tool to share with those that weren’t able to attend your event what they were missing out on, to build hype.

Instagram for event

Plan Your Campaigns And Strategy

Planning a successful strategy requires the frequent analysis of patterns, trends, campaign and growth periods. Maintaining accurate data needed for all your campaigns on Instagram is a significant advantage. Our event managers   recommend you have a mix of the following in your Instagram campaigns to be truly effective:

  • Educational Posts
  • Motivational Posts
  • Influencer Posts

Measuring Campaigns

Instagram is just one channel you should be using for your event marketing but it’s still important to understand whether your Instagram strategy is working or not for your events. For example, if you have paid campaigns on Instagram and you are not gaining more delegates or followers, it could be a sign your campaign strategy is not working. The ultimate goal of Instagram is to gain as many followers as possible and increase your audience reach.

If you are looking at improving your Instagram following, or any other event related inquiry our experts from Nectar Creative Communications are ready to work with you. To contact them please click this link.

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