The prospect of having an auditorium teeming with an eager audience listening intently to a speaker has until recently for us in the events industry a distant dream. But as we move more into the digital events space, online meetings and conferences have taken centre-stage.

The first step to having a dynamic online event is choosing the right keynote speaker. This choice can make or break the conference. Here are the top five things to consider when choosing your virtual speaker.

1.  Relevance

Any session or conference needs a theme. It is imperative to be mindful that the speaker chosen to address the audience is well-versed on the subject and can deliver a compelling speech based on their experience.

The speaker’s thoughts, actions, and experience should also be relevant to the audience they are trying to address.

virtual speaker

2.  Experience

The speaker should have some public speaking experience under their belt, especially for virtual presenting. 

Having experience working in front of a camera is essential for a virtual speaker.  Some speakers are brilliant in a room full of people but fall flat on screen.  Ask to see videos of recent virtual presentations they have done, or to log into a session they are delivering so you can determine if they can maintain the energy needed for a compelling virtual presentation. 

Speakers who have already spoken about the same topic on other platforms are more likely to be fluent and eloquent. They can also be better at holding the attention of the crowd for a longer period given their past experience.

3.  Appeal

Before inviting a speaker to the session, consider this: will the audience engage with them? If the answer is a simple “no,” try to find another candidate.

Audiences who are disapproving of the speaker might leave the event abruptly or may interrupt with controversial questions. If the audience is not responding well, it can sabotage the entire session. The speaker may have to end their session unceremoniously.

Invite someone charming and well-liked by the masses. 

virtual speaker

4.  Comfort with Technology

Some speakers may have incredible prowess over the subject matter but find it inconvenient to give a speech about it online.

Many individuals will still have reservations about using the online method of communication. They may struggle with speaking to a blank screen and may not enjoy it.

Their lack of enthusiasm can put a damper on the audiences’ experience of the session.

5.  Budget

With the best speakers they often come with a price tag. Try to make a list of potential candidates you are interested in inviting and then decide upon who quite literally fits the bill.

When in doubt: stick to your gut and your budget.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you need to choose the keynote speaker, for your next virtual event. Remember: The better the speaker, the better the session.

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