We cannot predict how things will unfold in the next few months – no-one can. It’s difficult to even write a post at the moment without it being outdated within hours, things are changing so quickly.  It is overwhelming, and it can feel like we should stop everything. However there are still things we can be thinking about and even actioning right now. So we wanted to share some tips on what we as event owners and organizers are doing at the moment:

  • Discovering and understanding the ongoing advances in technology, virtual meetings and webcasting, participating in a number of events that have been successfully delivered across the globe. Live streaming enables people to take part in an event without leaving their home or office. All they need is a decent internet connection.  

event planners tips

  • Planning ahead for 2021 events.  Sounds obvious when we are all in the midst of postponing and setting new dates, however we are also using this time to look at comms and sponsorship strategies.  All events should have a digital strategy moving forward – and this needs to be integrated into the event planning from the beginning. Let’s ensure ALL events in 2021 are beyond anything we have delivered before!   

event planners tips

  • Exploring the promotion of events using different social media platforms (eg. YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.).  Take the time now to really understand these platforms if you haven’t already. Learn how to measure them and use them effectively in your event marketing.  There are plenty of online courses out there to be able to skill up in this area. 
  • Researching venues and securing venue bookings for 2021 (and even 2022) now versus later.  Availability will be tight for a while. 

event planners tips

  • Leveraging online communication tools (eg. zoom and google hangouts) to follow-up with clients and suppliers, even if it’s just to check in and see that everyone is doing OK at the moment.  
  • Committing to a variety of Professional Development training online for the team.  
  • Considering if there are other ways we can assist in the community during this time and staying as connected as we can in a time of isolation! 

Essentially, we are using this time to work together to get our business back on track in the coming months.  We know there is a busy time ahead – and we want to be best placed to be ready for it!  

What are you doing at the moment, and how do you think our role as event planners is going to change in the future?  We’d love to hear from you. Contact the team at Nectar Creative Communicationswww.nectarcc.com.au