Incorporating a health and wellbeing element to your next conference can leave delegates not only feeling fabulous but also grateful that you, the host, went that extra mile to make them feel good. Employees are working harder and longer than ever before and frighteningly, a stress epidemic is costing Australian businesses over $10 billion each year. Why not use a conference or an event as a forum to remind people of the importance of self-care. 

Conferences and events often involve long days full of focus and networking . In this article we hope to share some strategies that will support your delegates to increase their attention, creativity and productivity at your next event. 

These strategies can be woven into the event or you could slot a couple into the conference program itself. 

Healthy Nutrition 

Food is one of the most important contributors to personal wellbeing and an easy way to start is offer catering that is rich in nutrients, mindful of varying dietary requirements and delicious food will surely delight your delegates. Seek out a menu full of vegetables and protein in lieu of sweet or carb-heavy options. 

Offer a refreshment hub with fresh fruit, herbal teas, fresh water and decaf coffee to give attendees a chance to rehydrate without over caffeinating. By providing virgin cocktails or juices alongside alcohol and soft drinks at social events, it helps provide a healthy and inclusive environment.

Healthy Food

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Encourage Movement

Generate renewed focus and fresh ideas by encouraging attendees to move often. Walking between sessions or during breaks can enhance your delegates creativity. Delegates could be encouraged to explore the venue grounds during lunch breaks for a change of scene.

You could offer a short guided stretching routine before sessions commence or direct attendees outside for a game of a soccer or wander round the venue facilities. If budget allows, why not integrate a team building activity into the conference program.

If moving your delegates isn’t suitable within the conference program, why not offer breaks outside? Fresh air, movement and sunshine can go a long way…


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Massages and Mindfulness 

You could arrange for a masseuse to roam the rooms during breaks and provide delegates with a hand massage and short shoulder release. 

Mindfulness practices in the workplace are becoming mainstream with growing evidence that mindfulness reduces stress and improves how employees work together. 

What could that look like at your event? It may be as simple as offering a 5-minute breathing exercise before a session, or as involved as facilitated meditation programs. Perhaps open the session with a short guided meditation or focus session – delegates can set an intention on what they hope to achieve at the conference and this will allow them to feel more connected and engaged. 

It is also an opportunity to introduce external providers to organisations and encourage them to roll out an ongoing program in the workplace. 


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Bring it all Together

For more ideas on how to coordinate a health and wellness program into your next event, ask your event organiser if they have any local recommendations. Corporate health and wellness packages can include content on everything from travel recovery to food and beverage, mindfulness and more. 

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