/How Food Impacts Your Event

How Food Impacts Your Event

It’s undeniable that many great ideas and conversations are sparked during a shared meal or food at events. Regardless of the type of event you are catering, be it a business luncheon or a large business conference, your menu can impact the overall success of your event and give your delegates something to talk about. 

Before planning an elaborate feast (and when looking at your budget), it is important to understand how catering will impact your event.

Spark conversation

Eating food is not just about filling the stomach. It is a social activity that brings people together and encourages conversation. During your event, the presence of food will stimulate interactions between others. Eating is a communal activity that puts people at ease, and the sharing of a meal will create a relaxing atmosphere for guests to engage with each other.

Good Food Equals Happy Guests

Food might not be the main attraction of your event, but it is vital in keeping your guests happy. It is no revelation that hungry humans are unhappy humans. The presence of food will keep hunger at bay and keep guests in a pleasant mood. Good food makes people happy and raises serotonin levels. This will ensure that the guests at your event are in a positive frame of mind and will continue to enjoy your event


Food is a vital component of meetings, conferences, parties, or any social event, and its presence invokes a sense of hospitality. Great conversations and big ideas are always shared when breaking bread together, and food at your event will promote that. This idea goes back to ancient times where people would open their homes to strangers and break bread with them. Sitting down together to share a meal resulted in the sharing of ideas and friendship. In modern-day events, this translates into networking, which is one of the main objectives of any event planner.

Things to keep in mind

Despite all the benefits of food at an event, it is still a considerable expense, and the catering of an event needs to be planned carefully, so it is fully efficient and within your event budget. 

When deciding the menu, be wary of the limitations many of your guests might have. To make the event all-inclusive, you should include vegan, vegetarian, or kosher options for your guests. Many people are allergic to nuts and intolerant to dairy, and it will help to have options for everyone. Be sure to label all foods that might contain ingredients that guests might be allergic to steer clear of any mishaps.

Finally, consider using local ingredients and suppliers as much as possible.  Not only is it an opportunity to showcase the region’s local flavours and produce, it is a great way to minimise the carbon footprint of your event. 

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