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As a team of event planners at Nectar Creative Communications, we firmly believe that the delegate experience begins long before the actual event. It starts the moment the phone rings – right when you’re deeply engrossed in a task and everyone else is subtly trying to avoid answering. However, instead of frustration, imagine the impact of a friendly, welcoming voice on the other end. This initial contact sets the tone for the delegate’s journey, and here are our updated tips and tricks to ensure it’s a memorable one.

Tip #1: Exceptional Customer Service

Good old-fashioned customer service remains as crucial as ever. As the first point of contact for potential delegates, we represent the face, or rather the voice, of the event. Remember, this is their initial interaction with your event, and our warmth and willingness to assist can make all the difference. Address their concerns, answer their questions, and you might just register another delegate.

Tip #2: Streamlined Registration Process

Simplicity is key when it comes to the registration process. Map out your registration portals meticulously before creating them, ensuring a clear visual layout and an efficient user experience. Avoid those seemingly endless forms that can deter delegates. To keep it concise, consider limiting marketing questions to the three most crucial ones. You can always gather more insights through post-event surveys.

The goal is to prevent scenarios where delegates abandon registrations due to frustration or forget to complete them later.

delegate experience

Tip #3: Personalisation for Delegates

In a sea of events, you want yours to stand out. The magic word here is personalisation. Event attendee apps are your secret weapon – every conference should have one. These apps empower you to tailor experiences, promote sponsors, facilitate networking, and engage even the most introverted attendees. With tools available from event systems like Cvent and EventsAir, customising your app to suit your audience is easier than ever. Plus, you’ll gather invaluable data and analytics.

delegate experience

Tip #4: Post-Event Engagement

The journey doesn’t end with the event itself; it continues with post-event engagement. Prepare your post-event surveys in advance so they’re ready to roll as soon as your event concludes. Timing is crucial; you want your delegates to provide feedback while the event is fresh in their minds.

But there’s more you can do. Extend your appreciation with a personal touch. Send out Thank You emails to your delegates, complete with event photos they can share with colleagues who missed out. This not only shows your gratitude but also keeps the event’s excitement alive a bit longer.

The Nectar Creative Communications team is here to assist with all aspects of your event. We’re dedicated to ensuring your delegates have the best experience and keep coming back for more!