Project Description

AUSPACK 2019 was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to bring together 300 participants from the target audience sectors to attend an inaugral national event.

The program consisted of 7 plenary sessions, 20 breakout sessions across two streams with various session formats including key topic discussion, panel discussions and case studies.

Our idea:

Engaging speaker, writer and comedian Craig Reucassel from ABC’s ideas provided by Nectar ‘War on Waste’ to moderate a panel discussion the industry’s sustainability to support the event: challenges and opportunities arising from new legislation. This panel included representatives from all areas of the industry and resulted in a highly engaging and outcome driven conversation that has continued after the conference.

Incorporating a live polling app into the program allowing delegates to ask questions and share ideas throughout the conference. This app was well utilised by the delegates and lead to a higher level of engagement as well as provided valuable post–event information for the APPMA.

Curating a panel of experts from inside and outside of the industry to discuss the critical issue of securing reliable, accessible and sustainable energy sources for industry and the tools and resources available right now.


The event brought together just over 300 delegates and set the bar for future APPMA conferences, awards programs and industry education events.