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Project Description

Bank of Queensland Business Banking Breakfast Series 2016

Bank of Queensland

The Insight

The Bank of Queensland (BOQ) needed to raise it’s business profile and create awareness of it’s credentials in the SME market.

Our Idea

Invite customers and prospects to a business breakfast that featured a relevant business speaker to add value to participants experience with BOQ. In addition to networking opportunities and social media for business insights, the morning also included an economic forecast from a BOQ expert. For maximum business impact for the allocated budget, the event was developed as a repeatable roadshow and delivered in four cities across Australia.  


Feedback from attendees indicated that BOQ has now been associated with a valuable and informative event for attendees with all respondents saying the event either met or exceeded their expectations. Over 30% of registrants were non-BOQ customers, enabling our client to generate new business relationships.

Attendee comments:

“It was entertaining and also informative. I have been inspired to continue working on my small business”

“Great presentations… thought provoking and entertaining”

“Good format. Lovely breakfast. Good central location.”

Project Details