Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) and BCM Partnership’s annual event that brings university students with a marketing, PR or creative field background together to help brainstorm a solution to a road safety issue.

BCM Partnership needed a team with the logistical expertise of conference and events to support them to ensure they achieved the best possible outcome for the desired budget.

Our Idea

Event Producer, Georgie and Event Coordinator, Ashleigh sourced applicants, managed the venue and everything in between whilst BCM Partnership focused on what they do best, content and comms.

To ensure the right minds were in the room, Ashleigh approached university lecturers across Queensland to distribute information regarding the initiative. Whilst Georgie worked with the venue, Victoria Park and other suppliers to ensure the event format and room layout facilitated successful brainstorming.


Thanks to the conversations we had with the universities, the event attracted over 100 applications. A new record!

Due to the calibre of the applicants, they were able  ‘… to create intelligent and insightful campaigns in the short time frame given.’ The judges were blown away with the results and the event…