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Themed Events

There is no event more fun and engaging than one with a magical theme. Let us here at Nectar
Creative Communications turn your dream theme event into a reality. If you are undecided with
what direction to go in, our team will provide you with a number of innovative styling and design
ideas after studying your goals and your audience for the event. If you already have a theme in
mind, Nectar Creative Communication will help you bring it to life with a new energy that will
reflect your ideas on what your event should promote.

What Sets Our Themed Events Apart?

Whether it is a classic masquerade ball or an exciting and fun company holiday party, Nectar Communication Creations has got your styling, design, planning, and execution needs covered. Our highly trained team will guide you and your event in the right direction, providing expert advice every step of the way. We strive to build long-lasting connections and develop a relationship of trust with our clients.

The needs of your business, your audience, and your event will be understood and met with overwhelming enthusiasm from us and delivered in a way that will exceed all your expectations

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The Perks

Our expertise in design and styling is unmatched. With a team directly focused on your specific goals, whether it is creating more engagement by bringing in innovative and cutting-edge technology or taking a trip down memory lane by embracing classic ideas and bringing a blast from the past to generate nostalgia with a twist. Let us add new dimensions to your themed event with
never-seen-before design and styling ideas.

Our experience in the industry and the importance we give to our relationships, with our clients or the businesses we have partnered with has left us with many connections that allow us to bring you the best quality at the most affordable rates.

From styling and design to management and execution, Nectar Creative Communications will handle everything to ensure an engaging and exciting event that will leave everyone wanting more.

Work with us, and your messages will be remembered by attendees who will LOVE your events!

Unforgettable memories in unforgettable spaces

Our Styling and Design

We pride ourselves in delivering extraordinary experiences with unmatched flexibility. Styling and design are the key part of any themed event. Be it highly sought-after performers, engaging the audience at your event, or props and installations to achieve the highest level of visual immersion, our team is filled with design and styling ideas and eager to bring them to life.

If you are looking for a successful themed event with an advanced level of design and styling, Nectar Creative Communications is the way to go. We will design your event without leaving any room for error, be it the planning, production, styling, or execution.

Trust us to create the themed event of your wildest imagination, and we will deliver an event beyond that.

We can plan and execute your next event project including:

  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Seminar Programs
  • Gala Dinners / Award Dinners
  • Product Launches
  • Internal / B2B Road Shows

Nectar's Own Business Events

A new division within our organisation, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouths are and produce quality, outcome focussed conferences of our own.   

Allowing government and industry participants to come together to explore and challenge current issues, and share new ideas, these events are designed by our team to engage and inspire.  

Our vision for this division is to become a leading producer of business conferences across Australia and New Zealand that have a real impact on their industries.  No more ‘talk-fests’ - we want to increase knowledge and drive positive change.

Partner with us for your next event

Let’s talk if you have an idea for a conference or event, have the contacts to drive it within your industry, but need to partner with someone to bring it all to life.

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