Event Sponsorship Prospectus

In the dynamic landscape of event planning, securing sponsors can make or break the success of your event. Sponsors not only provide financial support but also offer valuable expertise and the ability to expose you to a wider audience. However, attracting sponsors goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. To win over sponsors you need to stand out from the many other events vying for their attention. This involves clearly showing your influence with an audience that aligns with their target markets as well as a range of opportunities for them to invest in taking advantage of this reach. 

Event Sponsorship Prospectus

How to cut through 

Imagine a potential sponsor reviewing numerous event proposals, most offering the same packages, the same benefits even the same language. How do you make sure they don’t just skip over yours? How do you make sure your proposal grabs their attention early, speaks to what they value and gets you into a conversation?

Here are some ideas to elevate your prospectus.

Elevating Your Sponsorship Package

1. What is the buzz around your event? Everyone has been to a conference, symposium or a congress. They know what happens but what is it that is special about yours, why are your people gathering, where is the excitement? It could be tackling a major social issue, showcasing incredible new technology or helping a key economic sector thrive and grow. It could be just a group of professionals coming together to connect but don’t say that, instead explain that it’s a chance for the leading members of your industry  to reconnect, collaborate and spark new connections. Just like the old sales mantra, sell the sizzle not the steak 

2. Who exactly is this audience you’re offering to connect them with? Again most people know that if you’re running an event for legal professionals then there is a good chance there will be a lot of legal professionals in attendance. Potential sponsors are a lot more interested in psychographics and demographics of your audience. Talk about their personae, their interests, anything that a potential partner might tap into.

3. What is your reach? You might have 200, 300 or 1000 people anticipated to attend but if you’ve got a national database of 20,000 then that’s your audience too and that’s who you can potentially connect your sponsors with. What is your reach on Linkedin, Twitter (now X), Instagram? What is your open and click rate on your EDMs? The greater your reach the more you have to offer

4. Sponsorship Tiers: While you do need to cater to different levels of financial involvement, to stand out it’s good to avoid the traditional Platinum, Gold, Silver tiers. Instead think of what might be more relevant to your sector. For instance a Medical Conference might use terms like Breakthrough Sponsor, Research Partner, Wellness Advocate or Innovation Leader.  Also try to avoid listing too many options (unless you’re confident you’ll sell them all ). Not only is scarcity attractive but sponsors can be hard work and you’re better off having less spending more rather than the other way around. 

5. Expanding Benefits: Beyond the standard inclusions, consider offering pre and post benefits particularly around communications. Good activation takes place over a period of time so offer sponsors the chance to share messages, offers etc. in the lead up to your event as well afterwards if they’ve more to share

6. Lateral thinking: Beyond the usual suspects like key players in your industry that may have been involved previously, how do you attract new sponsors or exhibitors? One easy way is to research other events, especially competitors to see who they might attract. Another option is to simply ask your preferred AI. Describe your event and your audience and ask what industries to target beyond the obvious. If you can find a business that resonates with your audience beyond what everyone expects then everyone benefits! (hint if you’re looking for help with what to ask your AI search ‘There’s a prompt for that’ )

7. The fine print. Finally, clearly outline the terms and conditions of the sponsorship agreement including the obligations of each party. Be clear about pricing including details about payment deadlines and as well as cancellation policies  Transparency builds trust and encourages sponsors to commit.

At Nectar Creative Communications, we understand the intricacies of winning over sponsors. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the sponsorship landscape with ease.

Event Sponsorship Prospectus

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