Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are we holding this conference?” only to be met with silence? Nectar’s role in the MEA Award-winning Cause Related Event of the Year, the FearLess National Conversation on PTSD, sheds light on the significance of understanding the ‘why’ behind an event.

Recognised with the Cause Related Event of the Year award in 2020 for Queensland at the MEA Awards, the FearLess National Conversation on PTSD on PTSD stood out for its outcome-driven approach and unwavering purpose. Let’s explore what made this event exceptional and the lessons it offers for event planners.

why event

Clear unwavering purpose – articulated in one sentence

From its inception, the FearLess National Conversation on PTSD was framed as a conversation, not merely a conference. This emphasis on inclusivity, collaboration, and engagement set a clear tone for the event’s objective: to effect positive change in the lives of those affected by PTSD.

Lesson: Before organising any event, define its purpose succinctly. Ask yourself: What change do we seek, and how will we measure it?

why event

Objective woven into every aspect of the event

The conversation-not-conference ethos guided every facet of event planning, from program design to sponsorship strategy, venue selection, and marketing. This cohesive vision ensured alignment with the overarching objective and contributed to the event’s success.

Lesson: Align every aspect of the event with its objectives to attract the target audience and maintain a focused approach throughout.

why event

All aspects of the event were audience driven 

Understanding the diverse audience impacted by PTSD was crucial. The event’s program was tailored to address their needs, with tiered registration pricing and a focus on creating a safe, supportive environment. This approach fostered engagement and built a vibrant community around the cause.

Lesson: Identify your audience’s motivations for attending and tailor the event to meet their needs effectively.

why event

The event had to produce a tangible outcome

A key objective of the FearLess National Conversation on PTSD was the production of a written communique outlining outcomes and next steps. This goal was communicated clearly throughout the event, ensuring accountability and facilitating actionable results.

Lesson: Define measurable outcomes for your event and set clear objectives to achieve them.

Events have the power to drive meaningful change in our communities. The FearLess National Conversation on PTSD exemplifies how a clear sense of purpose and strategic planning can lead to lasting impact. As event planners, let’s harness this potential to create positive change.

As event planners we are in an extraordinary position to help drive positive and lasting change in our community and the power events have to instigate this change.  The FearLess National Conversation on PTSD was a great example of the far-reaching legacy that can be achieved by bringing people together to achieve a common and clearly identified objective.