The pressure to create a flawless, personalised, and stand-out experience for members at Association Events can have you tossing and turning at night.

Oftentimes we believe they’re expecting fireworks and monogrammed swag bags, however, in reality, it’s more about connection, engagement and a feeling of belonging. The key to success lies in utilising industry know-how and technological tools to deliver a streamlined, yet tailored experience that your members won’t forget.

At Nectar CC, we know that every member is different. They respond differently, they think differently and their wants, and needs can vary greatly. The good news is you already have a wealth of information at your fingertips to help you understand how best to engage with them.

Here are our top 4 tips for personalising your next member event experience.

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Design a personalised journey

Utilising your existing member data, look at ways you can personalise the journey and messaging for different member segments to provide a unique and thoughtful experience from that first point of contact.

These days, personalisation doesn’t need to be a back-breaking task. Make use of marketing and event automation tools (here are our favourites) to create a purposeful and intentional member journey with ease. 

It’s all about the small things, creatively using the data you have and automating processes to make attendees feel like individuals – rather than one group. That could be as simple as adding their name to an email subject line or as complex as a completely individual experience for members. It makes a difference to their overall experience and the value they perceive in their membership.

Make registration a breeze

Don’t let your members stumble at the starting block. Embrace technology to create a straightforward and faultless registration process.

Incentivise members by offering multiple attendance options at differing price points, such as VIP, Early Bird etc. You can even take this one step further by allowing your members to create a conference agenda aligned with their wants and interests. 

Registration doesn’t need to be a mundane experience. Look at opportunities to make the registration process more enjoyable, fun, and easy by utilising graphics, interactive registration tools and pre-filled details. Give members the opportunity to sign up for workshops, 1:1’s, events, demonstrations etc and share this with their social network – this will get them excited and make them feel tied to the event.

If your registration platform allows for it, we also suggest digitised badges and self-serve tablets where members can sign themselves in on the day. Don’t forget, your event starts before they register. Their experience is the result of every interaction leading up to the event, the event itself, and any post-event communications.

Ignite engagement

Rather than simply compiling an event schedule, look to generate active participation by sparking conversations that build connections. Encourage members to be a part of the event story by allowing them to guide discussions, activities, or the flow of the event – generating feelings of connectedness, and the belief that their voices matter within the Association.

Utilise event software to increase connection by integrating a range of engagement tools such as polling, Q&A’s, live chat, interactive workshops, competitions, swag bags, etc to create unique moments within the event. Don’t forget to also make them easy to share using an event app or specialised event hashtag. 

Focus on substance by assembling a line-up of speakers/events that are inspiring, stimulating, authentic to your Associations goals, and that will leave a lasting impression on your members. This will lead to greater member satisfaction and ultimately, a higher engagement rate

Encourage networking 

Association members love to connect, so it’s important to create intentional and purposeful occasions for members to discuss, debate and consider what they’ve listened to – a place where like-minded members can share their knowledge and experiences.

Use your existing member intel to facilitate introductions and stimulate conversations at roundtables, breakout rooms and group sessions – encouraging collaboration, connection, and imprinting a lasting impression. If you’re using an event app (which we love!) give attendees the power to engage with additional content, take notes, share comments, and make the experience more personal.

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