From event platforms to production software, interpreter equipment, marketing programs and engagement platforms – hybrid events are jam-packed with technology.

But, before you jump head-first into using the first platform you come across, it’s important to understand the scope of what you need, in order to find the right solution that will accommodate all your requirements.

Many platforms will advertise an all-in-one solution, but unless you understand how to produce a hybrid event – and more importantly how to expertly utilise every single feature to create a flawless audience journey, well then, it’s a bit like having a grand piano and having absolutely no idea how to play it (looks good, but it really isn’t serving you at all). 


You may need to look beyond the tech and engage with an event expert to produce the event you want and achieve the goals you have. When it comes to hybrid event technology capabilities, here are our non-negotiables:

1.Instinctive registration

We live in an era where attendees expect flawless and simple sign-ups that result in instant gratification. No long forms, no cumbersome pathways and certainly not a process that isn’t mobile-friendly. The registration process for both in-person and remote attendees should be uncomplicated, quick, and self-service. If it’s not – then you’re not using the right program.  

2. Interoperability

Integration between platforms and programs is essential for extracting the maximum value out of your hybrid event technology. Be sure to look for platforms that integrate with your other solutions, such as marketing automation, customer relationship management, and payment systems – or better yet, opt for an all-in-one team solution like Nectar Creative Communications who can take care of the lot for you!

3. Safety and security

As an event planner, you bear the responsibility to protect your attendees’ personal information, so data encryption and robust authentications are essential. Get this wrong, and the consequences could be disastrous. 

4. Audience engagement and networking

Your platform MUST facilitate interactive and real-time sessions and provide you with every tool in the engagement toolkit to keep your audience interested and engagement high such as polls, integrated networking functions, games, live chat, Q&A, workshops, break-out rooms – the list goes on.

5. Mobile app capabilities 

A dedicated mobile app, that you can customise to meet the distinctive (and varied) needs of your brand and your event is essential! It’s primarily how in-person and virtual attendees will engage digitally with your event, whether via social networking, getting directions to a specific booth, or registering in the first place.

6. Sponsorship opportunities

most events (hybrid included) are reliant upon sponsorship opportunities to maximise their reach and increase profitability. Your event platform should offer you several different opportunities to tailor and create unique sponsorship packages that meet sponsors’ needs and importantly provide the data-driven insights needed to track sponsorship ROI.

7. Reporting

One of the greatest advantages of digital technology is its ability to provide in-depth reporting on everything! “Every interaction leaves an auditable data trail that can be transformed into actionable insights for yourself and for your sponsors” says SEO Event Specialist Damarley Robinson. Hybrid event technology should provide the opportunity to not only capture valuable event data but also generate intuitive stakeholder reports.



So, what tech do we recommend? We’re so glad you asked!

In a world of constant innovation, there are dozens of solutions and hundreds of functionalities to choose from, and they’re not all made equal. Here are our top four all-in-one recommendations:

1. OnAir by EventsAIR 

Our go-to, OnAir by EventsAir is redefining virtual, in-person and hybrid event solutions by providing hybrid event organisers with a comprehensive toolkit to drive engagement, customise features and sync in-person, virtual, mobile and hybrid audiences in perfect harmony using a hyper-realists interface.

2. Sched

Intuitive, simple, and agenda-led, Sched allows attendees to personalise their event experience and engage with organisers, friends, colleagues, and speakers easily. Speakers can also manage their own profile – which could be a big time-saver! 

3. Arena

Arena is a brand-new all-in-one platform built by event professionals, for event professionals. This scalable, brandable, affordable and commitment-free solution is ideal for event organisers wanting to deliver unforgettable virtual and hybrid events to their clients and customers.

4. Big Top by Hire Space 

If you’re looking for cute, customisable, and multifaceted, Big Top by Hire Space is your go-to. Attendees can navigate through an event map full of discussions, workshops, and breakout spaces to customise their own experience.

5. InEvent

Tried and trusted, InEvent is your one-stop-shop for managing, marketing, and monetising your hybrid event from a single platform – deploying engaging and customisable experiences at scale. 

Whilst these platforms offer event professionals incredible capabilities – hybrid events are still complex, and it can be easy to get bogged down in the technology and inevitable problem-solving. So why go it alone? Engage a professional hybrid event management team (like Nectar Creative Communications) to ensure you get the maximum value out of your hybrid event tech and have the space to focus on planning and hosting your event.

So, why not book a free 30-minute consultation with our team of event strategists to discuss how hybrid technology can help support and bring your event to life?