Like any growing business we meet a lot of people aspiring to join this industry. Often they’re straight out of Uni with a fresh qualification tucked under their arm and full of the confidence that they’re ready to make their mark. And while this sense of enthusiasm is admirable, often there is a gap between expectations and reality.

(To be clear and in the interest of full disclosure I’m not an event manager, trust me when I say that would be a bad idea all round. However having worked with and around some great  event managers for many many years now I know what separates the good from the average).

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Why do you want to be an Event Manager?

Potentially the question someone needs to ask themselves before entering this industry ( or in fact signing up for any course on event management) is why? Why do you want to be an Event Manager? There is a good reason the role of and ‘Event Manager’ is consistently listed as one of the most stressful careers ( alongside Soldier and Air Traffic Controller ) because there are moments when it can get pretty hairy and unless you’ve got a compelling, clear and motivating ‘why’ driving you there is a good chance it will end in tears.

Some of these key challenges include:

  • Managing the delivery of a service based moving target. You’re not selling the proverbial widget but delivering a hard to define amorphous concept that each of your potentially multiple stakeholders has a different definition it’s your job to satisfy
  • And you’re not just managing these multiple service expectations but their emotional needs as well. Sound like hyperbole? It’s not. Clients get very emotionally attached to their events ( and this might be worth exploring in more detail another time ) so that’s on you too. 
  • Finally on the day, when the curtain goes up it’s all on you and if things go wrong there is nowhere to hide.. Picture a representation of a busy transit hub with all those lines coming in and out passing through the one point. Well on the day that point is you. Being able to think on your feet is an understatement of what is required onsite. 

event managers

So why on earth do it? To put it simply because you get the opportunity to be there when great things happen AND the deep satisfaction of knowing you played an integral part. We’re in this business and we deal with all the above challenges because we firmly believe in the power of events and what can happen when you get the right people ‘in the room’ having the right conversations. We’ve seen it first hand time and again and the pay off at the end of the day is what keeps us smiling.  

Meet the Nectar Creative Communications Event Management Team

Our team at Nectar Creative Communications offer you that mix of being agile, adaptive and approachable; yet with proven structures and processes that ensure outstanding results.

  1. Flexible in adapting to what you need. We love the jobs you really don’t like or have the time to do.
  2. Flexible in processes. We adapt to your internal protocols, we mold ourselves to your business.
  3. Flexible in responding to all those last minute changes that arise with events – calmly and with experience.
  4. Flexible in serving your needs: We’re there when you call and we listen.
  5. You can trust we’ll be there for you, and we’ll deliver.

Contact us today if you are interested in hearing more about our event management services.