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Our Team

Peta Moore

Managing Director

Peta entered the industry in 1996 and has been unstoppable since. Completing her Certification in Digital Event Strategy through PCMA, she is fully embracing the opportunities digital events present for audience engagement and diversification.

Creating memorable audience experiences that generate real outcomes involves a clear strategy and good storytelling, no matter if the event is live, hybrid, or virtual.

Her longevity in the industry is driven by her belief that good event design and execution can change the world!

Tiffany Bower

Senior Conference and Event Producer

Tiffany has over 13 years of experience managing domestic and international conferences in both the public and private sectors. Currently completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Communication, her expertise lies in content strategy, program design, and delivery.

From a webinar series to a multi-stream, multi-day conference program, Tiffany understands that the relationship with your audience relies on the perfect mix of relevant content, curated speakers, and engaging programming.

Nick Moore

Sales Director

Nick is adept at building and maintaining strong relationships and understands the industry landscape and challenges our customers face. As a client-focused communicator, his door is always open for questions or feedback.

His approach to business development is strategic and driven. As a Director of the company, Nick has skin in the game, therefore always delivering on his promise.

Angie Medina

Conference and Event Producer

Angie is a highly motivated and dedicated event producer with 5 years of experience in planning both live and digital events. A process-driven, detail-oriented professional, she is an expert in all aspects of EventsAir and the digital event platform OnAIR.

She has worked in both the logistics and administration sides of events complemented by experience in communications and digital marketing. She has strong customer- service skills and creative flair to bring to her role as an event manager.

Sukhee Chae

Conference and Event Producer

Sukhee is a certified event planner with over 5 years of experience running conferences and events. She is a deadline driven, fast-paced professional who has great attention to detail. An active team player, with a proven track record of planning exciting, memorable and successful meetings and conferences she has worked with clients from different backgrounds and cultures. Sukhee is a power user of EventsAir and OnAIR, our event management and digital event platforms.

Bruce Kemp

Technical Director

Bruce has been in the hospitality and event management industry since 1992. Over the years he has worked with clients in the NFP, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, sporting, banking, motor industries, and corporate sector. His production knowledge of audio-visual, technical staging, and digital event production is second to none.

Attention to detail and quality of work, paired with years of industry experience shows the commitment required to produce an outstanding and unique event across all delivery platforms.

Sue Trewin

Senior Event and Sponsorship Manager

Sue has over 30 years’ experience in the marketing communications industry, applying skills across a broad range of industry sectors. Having worked in both marketing management positions as well as in the consulting industry, expertise in strategy and planning in addition to the budget, team, and stakeholder management.

Sue specializes in committee liaison and management, sponsorship development and sponsor management, budget management, marketing strategy, and content communication.

Kenrick Lin

Conference and Event Coordinator

Kenrick has recently joined the team at Nectar with over 4 years of experience in both corporate and not for profit/ association events. He is a quick thinking problem solver with excellent negotiation and project management skills.

An experienced multi-tasker, Kenrick is highly organised and has a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Lucy Moore

Wellness Officer

An office is not an office without a Labrador!

Lucy is specialised in guarding the office and managing our team’s stress level throughout the day.

She is also an expert at snoring her way through a meeting. Feel free to visit our office to have a coffee with us
and Lucy!

Bronte Bower

Wellness Support Officer

Bronte works assisting Lucy keep our team’s stress levels down. She knows exactly when we need some attention and kindly offers to accept pats and tummy rubs throughout the day. Always wanting to help, she is happy to finish off that apple core for you rather than waste it!