A new digital platform, Future Industries Australia, is being launched today out of Brisbane, Queensland, to spark the next phase of economic recovery in Australia.

Future Industries Australia, a one-stop digital platform, will provide education, connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia.

Managing Director of Future Industries Australia, Nick Moore, saw the struggle many businesses and organisations in these industries face.

“Many are isolated, lack connections across government and industry and suffer common issues in terms of accessing funding, scaling up and working globally.

“With large scale events and international conferences off the table for the foreseeable future, we have created this space for the brightest brains in our country to get together to grow their industries.

“We believe ‘Future Industries’ will lead Australia out of the current economic decline, and if we can connect the right people in the right circumstances, provide the right information and facilitate knowledge and experience sharing, then our future is brighter.”

“This will be the space where ideas spark from like-minded peers, driving mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships through collaboration and education,” he continued.

“We are targeting 12 market sectors including

Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences
Cleantech/Circular Economy
Advanced Manufacturing
Online Entertainment
Space Tech”

Subscribers will access online education in the form of webinars and masterclasses, discounts to industry conferences plus far reaching connections via exclusive networking events all designed to enable them to prosper and grow their business.

A Chairman at the CEO Institute and author of Innovation in Australia, Ben Kehoe sees the need for this style of platform now. “There are many commonalities between these future industries of Australia and a platform that allows for cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences is a much needed initiative” he said.

Subscribers to the new platform will unlock 12 months of education and connection opportunities that will assist them to promote their products and services with maximum impact identify and access export markets attract, retain and skill up people to their growing businesses access capital

General Manager, Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement for NERA, Paul Hodgson believes Australia is well positioned to take advantage of our capabilities in these high growth, high value industries in order to secure a strong economic future.

“Future Industries Australia will complement existing efforts to drive transformational growth, such as those of the Industry Growth Centres”

Launching with a number of webinars and masterclasses scheduled, the basic subscription is free. Individual subscription options with added features and benefits start from $49 per year, and partnership opportunities are available for larger organisations. Further details available at www.futureindustriesaustralia.com.au

About Future Industries Australia

Future Industries Australia is a one-stop digital platform, which will provide education, connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia. The team behind the National Cleantech Conference and Exhibition, created this platform for all high growth, high value industries in Australia.

Further information please contact
Nick Moore nick@futureindustriesaustralia.com.au 0408 992 096