So, you’re planning an event and need to find a strategy that ensures maximum ticket sales. A great way to sell more tickets faster is to use FOMO (“fear of missing out”) as a way of motivating your audience to buy tickets through early bird registrations. However in the recent uncertain times enticing early bookings has become a challenge. 

In this article, we look into why early bird registration is effective and how it can supercharge your next event.

What are Early Bird Registrations?

In short, early bird registrations are generally a small number of tickets released early to a select number of customers purchased within a small time frame prior to general tickets. Buying an early bird ticket usually entitles the buyer to a heavily discounted ticket cost or a number of extras as part of the price.

Why use early bird ticket registration as part of your event strategy?

Whilst the idea of discounting sales from the get-go may seem a confusing concept to some, here we look at three very compelling reasons why releasing early bird tickets is a good strategy for ensuring a successful event.

1. Builds excitement

A sure-fire way to increase excitement and engagement levels relating to the event or conference is to run an early bird registration program. It capitalises on customer FOMO and effortlessly creates a buzz about your event whether you are taking on an in person or digital event. The feeling of scarcity will naturally drive sales or sign ups.


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2. Easy to gauge interest and demographics of the event

Running an early bird registration scheme allows organisers to quickly understand interest levels ahead of time. Some businesses may even choose to release tickets in ‘waves’ for this reason. If necessary, event organisers can drill down even further to better understand the audience demographics ahead of time. This can be an extremely valuable process in terms of having the ability to make tweaks to the event program ahead of time that will better suit your audience.

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3. Free advertising

The buzz your early bird registration scheme creates, means free marketing. Delegates will be keen to share their ‘bargain’ or free extras with their peers (your target market) through their own social media channels or word of mouth. 

By implementing an early bird ticket scheme early, it’s also simple to integrate this into a drip email marketing campaign making it easy for attendees to arrive informed and aligned with the purpose of the event.

Early bird registration is a great way to accelerate and improve your sales for your next event. By utilizing urgency, making delegates feel like VIPs, and creating a fear of missing out, you’ll create buzz and excitement around your event. 

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Early bird registration for your next event

If you would like some more information regarding how early bird registrations could help your next event sales, we can help you. 

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