The Secret of Capturing Trade Show Leads

Planning your attendance at a trade show? If you want all the effort to be worthwhile, then don’t be that stand with a fishbowl of business cards! By the time you’re back at the office, you won’t remember who’s who and the conversation you had with them.

These days there are many hi-tech ways to record attendee information on a stand. However, a simple lead generation form is still the most cost effective method to capture and qualify new sales leads. For an editable example, please contact our Event Coordinator Ashleigh.

To create your own, we’d encourage you to sit down with your Sales Team to define a qualified lead and show objectives. In doing so, you’ll be able to craft a lead form that asks the right questions. For instance, Nectar would seek to understand a prospects piece of business.

Organise a pre-event briefing to teach your staff how to use the form. Make sure they understand the questions and the reasoning behind it, how to record the information and how to process the form upon completion.

Be sure to collect all leads throughout the exhibition for consistency and measurement.

We’d encourage you to distribute leads as soon as possible. Your follow up strategy should meet your prospects expectations. E.g. If you committed to sending a quotation, send it!

Be sure to track your results to identify how many leads were converted to sales. In doing so, you’ll be able to gauge how successful your exhibiting strategy was.

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