Data Privacy: Our Cyber Security Commitment

At Nectar Creative Communications, we understand the significance of safeguarding sensitive information, especially when it comes to delegate data privacy in the event industry.

We take cyber security seriously and have implemented a security-first approach throughout our event platform. Our unwavering commitment to data and system security ensures that your delegate information remains confidential and always protected.

A Security-First Model for Maximum Protection

From the moment you choose Nectar as your event partner, rest assured that we prioritise cyber security in every aspect of our business. We use EventsAIR as our event management system.  Each component of this bespoke software is meticulously designed to be 100% PCI compliant, and incorporates GDPR compliance tools to meet international data protection standards.

Powered by Microsoft Azure: Industry-Leading Security

To provide an extra layer of protection, the platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a renowned cloud platform recognised for its defence-grade security. Microsoft Azure offers a suite of cutting-edge safety features, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive data is in safe hands.

Our Cyber Security Policy: A Comprehensive Protection Framework

Our Cyber Security policy establishes clear guidelines to protect your event data from any form of exploitation or misuse. We meticulously classify information based on its degree of confidentiality, ensuring that particularly sensitive data receives special protection.

Rigorous Cyber Security Procedures

Our team is well-versed in maintaining stringent cyber security practices. We employ password-protected screensavers, regular password changes, and constant virus-scanning software to ensure a robust defence against potential threats.

Data Taxonomy: Precise Management and Protection

Our comprehensive data taxonomy enables us to efficiently manage and safeguard your information. Each piece of data is assigned an appropriate level of security, ensuring that it remains protected and confidential.

Privacy: Our Priority, Your Peace of Mind

When you partner with Nectar Creative Communications, you can be confident that we prioritise your event’s data privacy with unwavering dedication. Our commitment to cyber security allows you to focus on creating exceptional event experiences while we handle the protection of your delegates’ sensitive data.

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