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Upcoming Projects

The team at Nectar are working on a number of important and inspirational projects with clients across a variety of sectors.  A mixture of virtual, hybrid and in-person events here’s is a list of what we have coming up:

Future Industries Australia Digital Event Series


Future Industries Australia is the only cross sector platform that provides education, connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia.

Cities Power Partnership National Summit 2021

26 – 27 May 2021

The Cities Power Partnership National Summit 2021 is the premier national event for local government climate and energy leaders. Held online for the first time, this event will bring together councils from across Australia for our largest summit yet.

Metagenics Annual Congress 2021

12 – 14 June 2021

The event, ‘Next Generation Cancer Care: Personalised Integrative Oncology’, will provide the research, insights and support you need for the road ahead when a patient presents with a cancer diagnosis. While a miracle cure for cancer is still a distant dream, there is much that you can do now as a Practitioner, to support a patient through their cancer experience.

Walk the Talk Forum Series 2021

15 June and 1 October 2021

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) and COTA Tasmania are proud partners in the Walk the Talk Forum Series 2021. These important conversations will continue in the 7th National Elder Abuse Conference in Hobart.

FearLess National Conversation

24 – 25 August 2021

The second FearLess National Conversation on PTSD will bring together the full spectrum of the community who are impacted by, works with or cares for those living with PTSD. This award-winning event is recognised for delivering outcomes for those working with or suffering from PTSD.


IAQ Assembly 2021

8 – 9 September 2021

The IAQ Infrastructure Assembly, working together for a better future, is Queensland infrastructure sector’s flagship event. Held in Brisbane and online on 8 and 9 September 2021, this event offers a stellar line up of speakers with lots of opportunity for audience participation as well.

APPMA Business + Industry Conference 2021

16 September 2021

There is no better time for the manufacturing industry to invest in innovation, technology and talent to ensure it is at the forefront of Australia’s economic recovery. Anyone looking for professional development tailored to the manufacturing sector both domestically and in an export capacity should attend this event.

National Cleantech Conference & Exhibition

The National Cleantech Conference & Exhibition 2021

1-2 November 2021

Now in its third year, NCTCE2021, Australia’s ONLY multi-sector Cleantech event, will once again provide a nationally focused platform for the industry to come together. The time for cleantech is now as communities, organisations and governments seek cleaner, more sustainable and more equitable forms of economic growth.

7th National Elder Abuse Conference 2022

14 – 15 February 2022

NEAC2022 will share the stories and experiences of older people, exchange the latest research and evidence, highlight programs and responses being delivered in Australia and engage a diverse audience to step up to end elder abuse.