When it comes to curating, assembling, and managing an event, the to-do lists can be exhausting. Whilst some areas, like message creation, stakeholder communication and strategic reporting are better kept in-house, there are several areas where it’s easier and more effective (for both time and money) to delegate and outsource to an Event Management company. 

Here are four of the easiest areas you can (and should) outsource today:

1. Delegate Management

Delivering an exceptional and consistent experience at every touchpoint on a delegate’s event journey takes time, consideration, and a whole lot of effort. It’s also one of the most important event elements to get right.

With so many different options for event registration on the market – all with their own capabilities and gaps, this is a great area to engage with a delegate management team on. Tap into their experience to develop a unique customer journey that ensures your registration process is straightforward, simple to navigate, on brand and flawless for your attendees.

At Nectar Creative Communications, we utilise an integrated, online tool to capture the data you need to deliver a seamless and personalise delegate experience that will have them engaged and excited about your event from that very first point of contact. Why not give our Event Management team a call here and see what we can create together?

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2. Event Accommodation Management 

From sourcing accommodation options at differing price points, negotiating flexible contract terms, organising room blocks, providing all those details to delegates so they can book, integrating the accommodation booking process into your conference website and creating a seamless booking experience – well it’s exhausted just thinking about what’s involved in managing delegate’s accommodation. 

Accommodation management can be easily outsourced, so take the pressure off your team and outsource this task today. You can learn more here.

3. Event Speaker Support and Management

You’ve booked your venue; you’ve secured your speakers and told them where to be – it’s job done right? Wrong. You still need to organise accommodation, travel, technical requirements, content development, practice and take care of all their needs before, during and after their session – not to mention collect all of their details for marketing purposes.

When it comes to larger conferences and events, often the sheer number of delegates and speakers becomes unmanageable for a small internal events team. The amount of work required in simply managing your speakers alone could fill up days of your time – so why not outsource it and provide your speakers with that VIP experience they’re expecting?

Don’t forget that your speakers can also become your brand ambassadors if they have an exceptional experience. So, it’s beneficial to take the time to manage their needs properly – or create a team to do this for you.

4. Exhibition and Sponsorship Management

Looking after and securing the right sponsors for your event is important and very time-consuming. Without sponsors, the cost of your event makes it often inaccessible for most delegates to attend, so it’s important that you procure the right ones, manage them properly and provide them with the return on their investment that they need.

Connecting with an Event Management company that specialises in sponsorship management (like Nectar Creative Communications) will allow you to promote your event to a wider audience of potential sponsors, develop an engaging and appealing sponsorship proposal, secure new sponsorship deals and bring those differing partnerships to life over the course of your event.

Building positive sponsor partnerships will help to secure your financial and event success, so why not leave it to the experts and give yourself more time to focus on your event?

At Nectar Creative Communications we’re renowned for having exceptional skills, flexibility, and most importantly the ability to partner with our clients to deliver the best outcome for their budget. Position your business for growth by outsourcing to our team of experts. We’re ready to go when you are!