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Party Planning Experts

Nectar Creative Communication's expert party planning services will turn the event of your dreams into a reality. We will be with you throughout the process of planning, designing, and executing the plan.

A dedicated party planning team

We have a dedicated team of designers, producers, strategists, logistic managers, and much more, that will guide you from the beginning to the end. Close attention to all your needs is what we, at Nectar Creative Communications, are all about. To us, it is not just about throwing a party for your guests; it is about creating experiences of a lifetime. Memorable and engaging activities that would otherwise be expensive and hard to book are at the reach of your fingertips if you partner with us to ensure an exciting adventure for all your attendees.

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You can trust our expertise

Nobody wants to be running around and micro-managing an event that is supposed to be fun! We understand that, and we will make sure that the planning stage creates so much trust between us that you will be able to enjoy the party you are throwing. Whether it’s an elegant engagement party, the exhilarating birthday of your dreams, or any celebration you want to make memorable, we are focused on your specific needs.

Work with us, and your messages will be remembered by attendees who will LOVE your events!

Unforgettable memories in unforgettable spaces

Our Team And Services

We provide every service you will need to bring your wildest imaginations to life, from research into what makes guests feel excited and connected to an event to sourcing the perfect entertainment that matches seamlessly with the theme of your event.

With our extensive network of caterers and venues, you will have endless options to choose from, ones that will merge with
the feel you want to go with. Inspire a new age of parties that are not just fun, but engaging, innovative, inspiring, and unforgettable for not only those who attend but everyone who hears about it.

We know the importance of privacy, and if you want a low-profile event for high- profile attendees, we know precisely how to get that done. If you are aiming for a party that everyone hears about, rest assured that we can get that done. Our marketing team not only has the experience, but the connections to provide for you every step of the way. They will pay close attention to all the results you want to achieve through your event, and make sure you are delivered that and much more.

Close relationships with all our clients are what we at Nectar Creative Communications strive for. We are not satisfied until all your expectations are surpassed. If real experiences with unmatched creativity is what you are looking for, join the many clients that we have satisfied beyond expectations. Contact us today to start planning an unforgettable party that will leave every guest wanting more.

We can plan and execute your next party:

  • Engagements
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • New Years

Nectar's Own Business Events

A new division within our organisation, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouths are and produce quality, outcome focussed conferences of our own.   

Allowing government and industry participants to come together to explore and challenge current issues, and share new ideas, these events are designed by our team to engage and inspire.  

Our vision for this division is to become a leading producer of business conferences across Australia and New Zealand that have a real impact on their industries.  No more ‘talk-fests’ - we want to increase knowledge and drive positive change.

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Let’s talk if you have an idea for a conference or event, have the contacts to drive it within your industry, but need to partner with someone to bring it all to life.

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