Blue Sky Funds engaged event management software provider, Cvent to design a platform that enabled them to collect attendee information and track their activity at their Annual Investor Day. This data would later be used to evaluate the success of the event and enable the Sales Team to follow up potential investors.

Our Idea

Our Senior Producer, Georgie and Event Coordinator, Ashleigh worked with Blue Sky Funds to develop and manage the check-in process. The team liaised with Blue Sky’s furniture and hardware suppliers; and worked with Cvent to ensure the client’s event objectives and requirements were met.

The team hosted multiple staff briefings, where they walked through the process and technology itself. With over 100 staff to train in very little time, Georgie and Ashleigh also provided a briefing pack which included a manual, copy of the PPT presentation, floor plan and staffing schedule.


The event attracted 1,500 participants, the majority of which arrived within the first two hours. Because our team mapped out the registration requirements with all key stakeholders, the correct amount of infrastructure and staff were in place to deliver a professional check-in process.