Project Description

Metagenics Institute Congress 2022 was held at The Star Hotel and Casino on August 26th – 28th. This event saw experts in immunology, neuroscience, psychology, nutrition and gastroenterology gather and share new science and insights on how to restore the health and wellbeing of those living with autoimmune disease and chronic pain.

Our idea:

Due to the volatile and everchanging nature of the pandemic, this congress had not taken place in person for a few years. The world had changed and attending events was becoming more of an elusive concept. The challenge for this congress was to bring together the industry in a safe and practical manner whilst still allowing the opportunity for the level of audience engagement seen prior to 2019. It was imperative that all participants felt fully included in the conference, despite their circumstances. It was with this in mind that an integrative hybrid solution was produced with software that allowed delegates from across Australia and New Zealand to be participating in real time.


Introducing a 3D platform for this event made a world of difference. Delegates who participated from their homes across the country, were able to interact with participants and staff that were on the ground in a way that hadn’t happened before. The platform allowed for viewing exhibits, placing orders, connecting with other delegates and posting to the livestream. This was coupled with an auditorium from which sessions could be watched in realtime and a fantastic resource gallery in which delegates could access session notes and information regarding the company. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with delegates stating that they felt like they were thought of every step of the way – they could even participate in the morning yoga session!

On top of this, delegates who attended in person could interact directly with the virtual delegates, ask questions of the speakers and participate in the live polling via the fully integrated mobile attendee app. In person attendees also remarked how the event was so well rounded without being too technology focussed and most importantly they felt safe on the ground. Overall, this event measured highly in all aspects and has set a precedent with how events can be managed inclusively in a post covid world.