As Event Professionals, our job on any normal day is never easy. Throw in a global pandemic and it’s even more chaotic. But in our amazing industry, we have been taught to be adaptable and resilient to change, (even at the last minute), so surely, we can deal with the current events limiting us from putting on our events, right?

The outbreak has put a huge strain on our industry but with a percentage of the world population currently in lockdown, it’s a stressful time for EVERYONE.

We’ve put together some of our tips we’ve been sharing with our team to manage stress as we navigate the new norm, albeit for a little while…


This is our number one tip. Easier said than done sometimes, but we all know sleep is essential to us being able to perform well personally and professionally.  A lack of sleep can lead to increased irritability and stress levels (you don’t need a grumpy co-worker on your daily Zoom calls!)

manage stress


There is literally no excuse for this one! Exercise doesn’t mean you have to do an intense workout of course; it may mean a gentle stroll outside in your own backyard or a quick walk around the block with your furry friends. Do what you enjoy; yoga, meditation, walking, even a dance in the kitchen whilst preparing dinner with the kids (with wine in hand…exercise can be fun too!)

manage stress


As an event professional, self-care and taking time for you personally sometimes isn’t a priority…there’s too many balls to juggle right? Now is the perfect time to take some time out; read a book, listen to a podcast, start cooking, plant an herb garden, have a bath…the options are all within your control.

Now is the time. Focus on how to set yourself up to hit the ground running once things return to normal.

manage stress


Although we are told to “social distance”, this should not stop you connecting with others. Take the time to call and check in on your friends and family. We’ve heard among our network of people organising online dinner parties and games nights with several houses on Zoom or House Party. Now, more than ever, we should be prioritising our social connections.


Studies have indicated that gratitude can lead to greater happiness, and making an effort to acknowledge what you have will help keep things in perspective and allow you to stay grounded through these uncertain times.

There is no one solution to stress for everyone. And there are many more ways to deal with stress we haven’t included here. But we believe, the most important thing is to find a way that works for you.

Stay positive, stay safe, and keep smiling – and if you need anything, even if it’s just a chat or vent about the current situation don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!