Quick question; what are you looking forward to in 2021? (apart from it not being 2020). Clearly your answer will depend on just how last year worked out for you,  because while some sectors experienced boom conditions others like our friends in the travel industry were wiped out.

Being in the business of events we had a tough year, certainly not as bad as some but bad enough. However, because there was still an ongoing demand for our services ( i.e. bringing the right people together to effect change ) AND we were given the luxury of time via JobKeeper we therefore had the motivation and resources to find new ways to work. So that’s what we did.

Building connections

Initially like everyone else, we did this via Zoom, Google hangouts and Microsoft teams but we soon graduated to virtual event platforms which allowed us to replicate everything a real venue could do. And because these platforms were initially developed and released in a very short period of time, coming into 2021 they’ve come a long way in terms of their functionality and ability to deliver high level complex and impactful events. At the same time enough people have been exposed to how they work and what to expect that virtual events are now accepted as a viable option. And despite what some of our colleagues might hope for, they’re not going away, there are simply too many benefits to ignore ( cost, flexibility, reach, data, accountability, sustainability) to say nothing of the risk mitigation benefits in the event of further outbreaks. So we’re looking forward to seeing how this side of the industry continues to grow and develop especially in conjunction with the traditional live event format as this begins to return. 

But of course just because we have all these incredible virtual options at our disposal doesn’t mean we don’t want to meet face to face. In fact you can just  feel the pent up demand and desire people have for coming together at a live event with their colleagues and customers. And just like with virtual we’ve learnt a lot about how to make this happen in a post COVID world. So we can’t wait to begin again bringing the right people together and then watching as the ideas start sparking and connections happening. In fact by the time some of our events roll around later this year we’ll have our first chance to meet in person with people we’ve only known virtually for almost two years!

From a content perspective it’s going to be fascinating to see what the big ideas and hot topics are that will draw people together this year ( beyond the usual’s). What do we care about enough collectively as organisations, industries or governments that will make people want to prioritise coming together? While we’re not in the business of prognostication a good place to start might be to look at the 6 major challenges Australia’s own CSIRO has said need to be tackled as a priority including;

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Food Security and Quality
  3. Sustainable Energy and Resource
  4. Future Industries
  5. Resilient and Valuable Environments 
  6. A Secure Australia and Region

Time will tell but either way roll on 2021, we’re ready for you.



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