Michelle Cuzens recently joined Nectar Creative Communications as our Conference and Events Manager.

Here’s 4 questions with Michelle as we get to know our newest team member.

michelle cuzens

What’s your history before landing at Nectar

I started my career in a conference and exhibition centre where I stayed for 8 years. I always knew I wanted to be involved in the full scope of event management so decided to cross over into in-house event management,  project managing national conferences for a medical college. I thoroughly enjoyed this area of events but missed being client facing and the varied industries they brought with them. This is the reason why I joined Nectar where I feel I get the best of both worlds.

How did 2020 work out for you

It was definitely a challenging year for many and it made me really think about my personal and professional strengths. I had time to reflect and I learned a lot about myself and what’s really important to me. COVID-19 meant it was tools down for a lot of events and for me it wasn’t possible to continue working in the industry.   I put the feelers and I was able to find a position where I was able to use my  project management and strategy skills into another field of work until I was able to return to event management.

What aspect of virtual and/or hybrid events do you enjoy most

There is a certain level of creativity that is required to deliver an event that is equally engaging as an in-person event. Hybrid and virtual events are more than just a webinar and it’s imperative to create an online experience  that is interactive and engaging to those at home or in the office. Seeing the online attendees interacting and having fun is very satisfying to see.

I also like that hybrid events have created an additional element of inclusivity.  When events were exclusively in-person I often came across people wanting to attend but who were unable to due to budget and travel limitations, being unwell or injured  or otherwise committed to caring for their families. Hybrid events give more opportunities for all stakeholders to attend conferences and events.

Where is the first place you’d like to go when international travel returns 

The list is too long! Travelling is so fulfilling for me and pre-COVID I would always be planning my next trip. So perhaps I can pick up where I left off and visit South America or the Mediterranean.