Pia Cannon recently joined Nectar Creative Communications as our Conference and Event Assistant.

Here’s five questions with Pia as we get to know our newest team member.

Pia Cannon

  1. What’s your history before landing at Nectar?

Before coming to Nectar, I have worked across several facets of the events and entertainment industry. These have included Front of House roles in Hotels and the Brisbane Convention Centre and contracting work for festivals. Most recently I have been working in the NFP space as an Event Coordinator, organising state and national conferences as well as managing a small portfolio of roadshows and workshops.

  1. How did you work through COVID?

As it was for everyone, 2020 was turbulent to say the least. Slowly but surely, the hard work we had been working on was being wiped off the whiteboard, put on hold and eventually cancelled. It saw me going from WFH arrangements to stood down in a matter of days which, admittedly, was hard to reconcile with. After a few months of processing, some DIY projects and learning new skills, I knew I needed to get back out there until everything had settled down, if it was to. This saw me getting back into the workforce using my skills in other capacities until I was able to move back into the event sphere again.

  1. What do you see being the biggest industry challenges coming into 2023?

I think bringing people back together will be the biggest challenge. Having the same in person, attendee numbers as pre -covid, I believe, will be a struggle. I will be interested in seeing how this is troubleshooted and compensated for from both an internal and client perspective.

  1. What are you most looking forward to the next 12 months from a work perspective?

I am most looking forward to building on my skill set and proving myself within my team and organisation. I feel that before COVID, I was really being challenged and learning a lot in a fast paced, riveting environment and I am excited to be back at that level and experience again.

  1. What’s top of the list for your first post COVID international travel destination and why?

Get me to Europe, stat! Preferably living out some Mamma Mia or Lizzie Maguire dreams whilst sipping on cocktails on the Amalfi coast.