Shae Mengersen recently joined Nectar Creative Communications as our Conference and Events Manager.

Here’s our Q and A with Shae as we get to know our newest team member.

Shae Mengersen

What’s your history before landing at Nectar

Prior to my position with Nectar, I worked for a Professional Conference Organiser as a Conference & Events Manager. My clientele were predominantly not-for-profit associations in the mental health and sustainability space. Before this I worked in operations and logistics at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Prior to working in event management I worked in the travel and hospitality industry.

How have you found working through COVID

Working in the events industry through COVID had definitely been a challenging period. Luckily, I have always been one to work ahead of schedule to allow for last minute event issues. The global pandemic has definitely enhanced my flexibility and adaptability skills. The positive that has come out of COVID would have to be the increased flexibility in the workplace and businesses allowing their staff to work from home more often.

What do you see being the biggest industry challenges coming into 2022

I believe the biggest challenge for the events industry in 2022 will still be the ongoing pandemic. We all thought by now COVID-19 would be finished, however we are only currently learning that is certainly not the case. With parts of Australia still going in and out of lockdown we will continue to see hybrid and virtual events for long into the future and likely forever.

What aspect of virtual and/or hybrid events do you enjoy most

The best thing about virtual and hybrid events is the accessibility it brings to an event. When events are virtual/hybrid we have the ability to bring in international speakers in a more cost effective way. A virtual/hybrid event also allows the event to reach a wider international audience.

Where is the first place you’d like to go when international travel returns

When international travel returns my first holiday would have to be to Europe. I actually had a European holiday booked for 2020 and then COVID came along and ruined it. The European travel list includes: The Greek Islands, Croatia, Spain and Italy. On the way home from the Europe trip I would also love to stop back in at my favourite place in the world, Las Vegas.