Here we thought 2022 was going to be a fresh start, free from covid and organisational adversities to climb. It turns out the hits keep coming for many industries with resourcing – or lack thereof – threatening to derail organisations’ grand plans.

Here is what we know:

  • From 2019 to 2021 the Conference and Event organiser workforce in Australia fell from 38,900 people to less than 22,000 people.
  • Since the start of 2022, there has been renewed enthusiasm across multiple sectors to return to pre-covid levels of event activity.
  • With the rise of virtual and hybrid events during covid, there’s an expectation by event attendees that there’ll be options to attend virtually and access post-event content – often doubling the event creation workload.
  • From hospitality to audio-visual, digital, security, catering, and everything in-between – no industry is immune from current staff and resource shortages.

The solution? It’s simple. Work smarter not harder by delegating key responsibilities to an all-inclusive Event Management Team.

Instead of slogging it out on your own, and dealing with constant resourcing issues, it’s time to think about the big picture and build your dream event team around you. 

outsource event management

Why outsourcing Event Management is the safest solution

Outsourcing your Event Management allows you to pick and choose the best of the best, sharing the load to create an event with that wow factor.

Short staffing doesn’t need to mean a sub-par event – in fact, when you start to dig in, you’ll realise there are a lot more benefits to outsourcing than going it alone in-house.

1.Get started quickly: Stop wasting time onboarding new team members or searching for the right supplier. Tap into our little black book of experienced contractors and suppliers that know exactly what it takes to create an unforgettable event experience. Tried, tested and incredibly skilled, we’ll get your event up and running quickly – so you can hit the mark the first time. 

2. Focus your energy where it matters: Instead of getting tangled in tech issues, delegate questions and speaker challenges, focus your time, energy, and expertise where it matters most – driving your business strategy forward. Going it alone, you’ll be tied up for months coordinating your event details. With an outsourced Event Management team, your to-do list will shrink dramatically as experienced suppliers work simultaneously to bring your vision to life.

3. Bang for your buck: By leveraging and subcontracting to event experts, you can increase your event size, attract new exhibitors and sponsors, and deliver a more profitable event overall. You’ll also benefit from existing vendor relationships (including hotels, keynote speakers, AV support, technology providers and more), giving you access to affordable and reliable suppliers to better utilise your budget.

4. Work with the cream of the crop – without the HR headache: Stop working only with the team you have and start creating the team you want using experts in their field! Pick and choose the very best or engage a holistic Event Management team to centralise and streamline the delivery process. The result? A flawless and memorable event with a stronger ROI. 

5. Secure your success: Give yourself the space to focus on what matters most – engagement (rather than logistics). Events by nature have an excessive number of moving parts. Keeping on top of them is a full-time job. By engaging an event management company that also offers production as an in-house service (like Nectar Creative Communications) it means less running around for you, less chance of something going wrong and more opportunities to deliver a truly engaging and authentic attendee experience. 

outsource event management

Circumvent the inevitable resourcing shortage and assemble your dream team to effortlessly deliver your vision. 

It’s time to stop surviving and focus on thriving. Re-engage with your community and position your organisation for future growth by redesigning and reimagining your event delivery. 

Why not tap into our in-house resources and extensive network of reliable and capable suppliers to deliver something truly spectacular? At Nectar Creative Communications, we have a team of experts ready to go, so give us a call and let’s get down to business.