In the ever-changing world of event management, the art of personalising the delegate experience stands as a crucial element for success. Tailoring each aspect of your event to meet the unique needs and interests of attendees not only enhances engagement but also builds meaningful connections that last. This approach is about understanding and catering to individual preferences, making every attendee feel uniquely valued. 

Our comprehensive guide, available for download for free, delves into effective strategies for crafting these personalised experiences, ensuring your event leaves a lasting impression.

Pre-Event Engagement: Crafting a Memorable First Impression

The delegate journey begins long before the event itself. From the moment of registration, every interaction matters. At this stage, you should be aiming to gather crucial information, such as dietary preferences, accessibility and accommodation requirements. This is also the opportunity to ask for their preferences on event related content.  This data is key to tailoring communications and creating a bespoke event experience.

Suggested Questions to Ask for Personalisation:

  • Are there any specific topics or areas of interest within the event theme that you would like to explore further?
  • Do you have any specific networking preferences? For example, would you like to be connected with attendees from a certain industry or with similar professional backgrounds?
  • Are there any specific sessions or workshops within the event agenda that you are particularly interested in attending?

During the Event: Seamless Interactions and Personalised Experiences

On the day of the event, ensure that your delegates receive a personalised welcome. Use the data collected to guide them to sessions that match their interests and provide customised materials such as name badges and itineraries.  Capture feedback throughout the event so that, if possible you can be responsive rather than waiting till after the event is over.  All of this can be done using the event app.  

Post-Event Engagement: Extending the Experience Beyond the Venue

The end of the event is not the end of the delegate journey. Follow up with personalised thank you messages, feedback surveys, and tailored content based on their event participation. This not only shows appreciation but also provides valuable insights for future events.

Personalisation After the Event:

  • Send personalised thank you emails highlighting key moments of the event relevant to each delegate.
  • Share customised content such as session recordings or materials based on their attended sessions.
  • Gather feedback with personalised questions reflecting their event experience.

Personalised experiences

Building Lasting Relationships with Delegates

Personalising the delegate journey pre- and post-event is crucial for creating memorable experiences and building lasting relationships. By focusing on each touchpoint, from registration to post-event follow-up, you can ensure that every delegate feels valued and engaged.

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