The Bank of Queensland (BOQ) engaged Nectar to produce an event that would unify its brands and staff to communicate it’s ‘Road to 2020’ vision.

Our Idea

Our Senior Event Producer, Dominique and Event Coordinator, Ashleigh worked with BOQ’s In-house Event Managers to produce and deliver the event in four destinations – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Although we worked with venues of all shapes and sizes, our approach was consistency. Domonique collaborated with BOQ’s preferred AV supplier, Haycom to produce a creative yet function technical solution which would be impactful yet ‘homely’.

We utilised a blend screen with two portrait side screens to convey the CEO’s messages. We also incorporated a lounge setting, greenery and a coffee table which were dressed with various props.


The event format and room set up effectively unified BOQ’s staff. It created an opportunity for the CEO to connect staff with the company’s vision and to create a real change – in their knowledge, perspectives and behaviours.