There’s something big happening, and everybody knows about it… but the question is, how did everyone find out? With an amazing event marketing campaign, of course!

No matter how amazing your event is (whether it’s virtual, hybrid or face-to-face), none of it will matter unless you get the word out in the right way. But how exactly does one go about making their event a success of epic proportions?

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you on your path towards a successful event that engages your audience in a memorable way.

1. Be Relevant & Be Everywhere

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – if people use it, your event should be on it. In today’s world, it’s all about engaging the audience in a way that they respond to.

Post new content with more information about the event (introductions of guest speakers, pictures from past events) across different social media platforms.

Be diverse and cover all bases, but most importantly, stay relevant. Make the use of the different tools at your disposal (Instagram polls/Twitter trends) and create a cohesive presence on all platforms while being diverse in your choice of media (videos, infographics, animations).

2. #CreateAnOriginalHashtag

Creating a unique hashtag for your event will make it more recognisable, and people using the hashtag will make great content that results in free marketing (creating incentives for using the hashtag will really get the ball rolling).

Clever hashtags get the attention of the audience and generate buzz around the event.

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3. Use influencers

Social media influencers have become the top marketing tool of the past decade.

Influencers can directly interact with your target market on a very personal level. Most of them have perfected the art of marketing products in a way that the audience perceives as honest opinions and recommendations from a friend.

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4. Introduce Exciting Incentives for Your Audience

People are more responsive to incentives. They love free stuff. You can create exciting campaigns that engage their participation before the event takes place.

For example, start a ticket giveaway campaign and reward people for sharing your event. You can also offer group pricing to get more people to attend your event as a group. All you will need to do is give away a few tickets for free in return for more participation from your target audience.

5. Strategise Your Content Marketing Efforts

Another important tip for your event marketing efforts is to pay attention to the content you are posting online. Whether it is a website that you specifically created for the event, social media posts, or a good old blog, you must ensure that the content your writing is thoughtful and informative. It should be engaging rather than just be stuffed up with keywords.

People should be able to develop a connection with your brand so that they are driven towards your event. They will not do so if all you are trying to do is sell them things, which would not benefit them.

Inform them about the benefits they will get if they attend your event. Use ideas like testimonials and inspirational videos to engage them.

6. Use Professional Services

Investing in professional event designers, graphic designers and photographers can help you give a boost to your event. People make their decisions by judging whether it is worth their time and money to attend your event. You need to attract them by aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts with professional photography to ensure that they are not attending some amateur event.

Create a specific vision for your event. Use attractive décor and offer quality entertainment and standout speakers for your potential audience to make your event successful.

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