There is nothing like the feeling of opening the doors for your event. Everyone is feeling fresh and excited about what’s to come. There is just one final hurdle for event professionals and attendees to navigate – onsite registration. This gateway to the event can set the tone for the rest of the day and the event itself, so it pays to get it right. Here are some effective and innovative ways you could welcome guests to your next event. 

Use technology to your advantage. Registration can be slowed down by paperwork and low administrator numbers. Why not set up tablets and printers for guests to use independently? This is particularly effective if you have already established a digital relationship with attendees. Your administrators are then free to answer questions in a more relaxed and attentive fashion. You could also provide tablets with preloaded entertainment or information to engage those waiting to pick up their name badge.

Use consistent branding. Dress up your registration area to reflect the branding of the event. Carry your fonts over and replicate the colour scheme of the event. It will lift the professionalism of the event and demonstrates great attention to detail. If you have event-specific branding, consider adding to your tables with logo table runners for an extra touch. 

Get creative. If you really want to make an impression, get creative with your backdrops. Mount a striking mural or artwork behind the registration desks or use a larger-than-life cut out to give a 3D effect. Your guests will be wowed and won’t mind enjoying the view while they wait. 


Image Credit: Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Put on a display. You can have fun with this one. If you have a large event budget and want to make a splash, have some type of live entertainment or staged set up that complements the theme of the event. It will become a talking point and reinforces the content of the session. Get attendees involved (in a casual way) to get engagement off on the right foot. A photo booth or Instagram wall is a low-commitment way for guests to “touch” the event while they’re waiting to register. 

Classic lines keep the area clean. If you have a more formal event or you are expecting lot of attendees, use ribbon lines to create order. This helps to reduce queue-jumpers and lends a more business-like feel to the event. Greet people at tables which have been draped with table cloths – another nod to traditional registration areas (that also provide you plenty of room to stash your supporting material and handouts). 

Registration Lines

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Redirect questions away from the lines. If your guests have questions about the event, register them and then direct them to a help desk. Administrators can point them in the right direction and reassure them about their concerns and you can keep your lines moving smoothly. 

Get your team on the same page. Of course, your team will need to know about the logistics and how to support the guests through the registrations area, but they can do more to contribute to the ‘vibe’ of the event. Encourage them to be playful and fun if that’s how the event is intended. They can even get into character if there’s a strong theme.

Registration Customer Service

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Don’t forget to float a support person. Once you’ve set up your registration area to both impress the guests and facilitate a smooth entry, allocate a member of your team (or two!) to float through the queues. They will be able to answer questions, make everyone feel welcome and remind attendees to have any necessary details to hand before they reach the head of the queue. 



For more ideas on how to effectively welcome attendees to your events, ask your event organiser if they have any recommendations. Effectively welcoming attendees has the potential to make or break your event, so make sure you have done it tastefully.

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