As we often hear, event management consistently appears in lists of “most stressful jobs”. There’s no shying away from the fact that #eventprofs must maintain a perfect balancing act onsite, while making it look effortless. So, we’ve drawn together some of the best tips we have, to help you reduce stressors on the day of the event.

Get organised prior to the event launch

The best methods of stress reduction for onsite actually happens well before doors open. Developing a contingency plan and confirming information beforehand can potentially alleviate the more high-pressure scenarios on the day. Setting expectations with vendors can reduce a lot of uncertainty. Make the terms and conditions clear, especially about last-minute cancellations, changes, alterations, and service or product delivery.

Get your team organised early. Choose your people well. Ideally you will have a reliable team you can call on, but if you don’t, try to test a new team on a smaller event in the lead up to the big effort. This will help iron out any potential bumps in delivery. 

Event Days are Stressful!

Take care of yourself and your event team

It might be difficult, but try to get good sleep the night before the event. Start the day well with breakfast. Give yourself the fuel you need to power you through, especially as it’s unlikely that there will be much time to stop for lunch once you’re in full swing. Be at the venue from the moment you can get access, so you can manage things as they come up. Let your team do the work but be there for them when they or the host needs you. 

Event technology and social media

Confirm that the tech is in working order as early as you can. Make sure the AV equipment and Wi-Fi are up and running. Have you got the number of the person responsible for tech support at the venue? Make sure to put it in your phone or file so you can access it if things go offline during the day. 

Social media thrives on images, so run through your shot list with the photographer before the event starts to confirm that they will be capturing the images you need. These will need to be posted throughout the day, so make sure the photographer knows who to speak to. Ensure your social media team is monitoring the feeds and has a response process in place. Let them know they can communicate any red flags to you before they become serious issues. 

Event Days are Stressful

Self-care for eventprofs

Self-care is important. You might not be able to stop for a meal, but you will need to grab glasses of water as you move throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep you focussed and thinking clearly. Keep protein bars or other easy to eat snacks in your pocket so you can power up and keep moving. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so you’re not getting fatigued as easily. Set a timer for 5 minutes to rest your feet and reset your focus for the hours ahead. 

The final tip is to keep running lists during the event. Some major tasks will be tied to timelines, but it’s a good idea to keep a short list of 2-minute opportunities – if you notice a quiet moment you should be able to sit down to hit a small goal that can be done in under two minutes, such as tweeting from the event account or sending a text to a vendor to review the schedule for the coming segment. 

Event Days are Stressful

For more ideas on how you can reduce your stress levels leading up to and on your big event day, ask your event organiser how they cope! Less stress leads to a better, more successful event.

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